Labels, Laundry and Prom...

I am working on labels for the cookies I am making, which in my head are so cute, hopefully will turn out even cuter on paper. Lots, and lots of laundry to do. Had to go to the store and get some more soap, I can't believe how much the High Efficiency Laundry Soap is, I never had to buy it before, but with the new washing machine that we got because our old one died, and the warranty dept. allowed us to get a newer version instead of fixing the old one, I now have to buy certain soap, according to the directions/instructions.
Tonight is Prom! Our teenager went to a friends house this morning and got her hair and makeup done, by the time she got home, the wind had picked up so much that she had to zip her coat around her head to protect her newly curled hair. The wind has not died down yet, so the trip out to my vehicle, to her friend's house, to the restaurant, then into the school will be a challenge. Her hair looks nice though and I am sure that she will look great once she is all put together. Speaking of that, she wants to go and get dressed, so I will need to sign off for now!

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