There is nothing like toast!

Toast with butter, not all the extra jelly, peanut butter or made into a sandwich when you are not feeling well. The only thing missing was Sprite. Not very hungry today at all, and had plans, but nothing got done, except one load of the baby's diapers, you see if you didn't already know, we use cloth, thanks to my wonderful and talented Sister-in-Law who made them for us.
The exciting thing, after reducing our cable channels down to almost the basic package, which is suppose to save us some money, our Roku box arrived, so that we can watch Netflix. That will hopefully get hooked up either tonight or tomorrow. The exciting thing, the kids shouldn't miss Nickelodeon at all...the shows that they liked are in abundance on Netflix, so I am really happy about that! As for show I like, there are quite a few, I am sure that the teenager will find some that she likes, and as for the hubby, I saw some that I know he will enjoy, I just hope that he likes some of the others.
Teenager's car is giving us trouble, again. She hasn't gotten a job, which I now see as her not really making a major effort, she seems to only want to work certain "cool" places, and she isn't as persistent as she should be, and as we have wanted her to be, we told her that we would give her until this month, then we would have to cancel the car insurance, and sell her car, and she doesn't seem too worried. But, with the trouble that her car has been and her lack of care as to if she actually works or not, her lack of responsibility when it comes to our family, and her opinion that we "owe" her...We are done. We pretty much know that her nice attitude will diminish, much like it always does when we cut back on buying her things, but she is 17, and should be getting some things for herself, instead of expecting it to be handed to her...

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