Summer vacation...Bring it ON!

Okay, well, not so much, but I have so much to get done and finally a teenager, here in the house for more than to sleep, or so I think, that can help me! I have such high hopes, and a knowledge even still that every spare moment she is not at cheer practice, working or hanging out with friends, she will do her best to be sleeping! But still I have the hope that she will not only actually help me, but want to! ha, ha!
As for today...so happy. My garden will finally be cleaned up so that I can begin planting! Hubby said so! Why so late? The weather! It has been truly yuck, and there has been little that I can do about it. Even the garden that my church plants for it's members just got started this past week, so I am not too late in comparison.
I am even going to make Pumpkin Spice Muffins this morning, and hopefully get more bread in the oven later. Feeling a bit domestic on this Memorial Day actually. I hope that my body holds out! Today for me, I will reflect on my Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Parents who all served in the military, and have hope and faith that those currently serving will know that I, myself and my family are thinking of them and thanking them for their sacrifices!

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