Day 33, 34, 35...

Day 33...made pancakes that morning, but hubby wanted sugar coated frosted cereal, so the little kids joined him with that, and then we re-warmed the pancakes for lunch. Sometimes, a person just needs the sugar, I guess.
Day 34...Sunday, I went to church, and usually hubby watches them, and feeds them so that I can have some me time. Usually that is, but he joined his brother at a Gun Show at the fairgrounds. Teenager fed the little kids grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, and all I can say is, at least it was something that was warm and not soggy! Back to the gun show, hubby walked in carrying a gun case, and I about passed out. In my opinion, he has enough guns, in his, you can never have too many! Actually, to my relief, it was only a case, and bullets, and casings for bullets, and maybe some powder too. That is a pretty big hobby that he has.
Day 35...as if other stuff isn't normally stressful...my baby had to get shots today. It was her 18 month doctor visit, and I couldn't go alone, hubby had to come and help. I can hardly handle the kids when we go to the store by myself, so hubby had to come and help, especially during the mean part. He is so wonderful! It is too bad the nurse wasn't cupid, and the needles weren't love arrows! But, now all is well, we are back home, sans hubby, he is off to work, and the baby is resting in bed, and hopefully about asleep. I just have to try and keep her legs warm so that they don't hurt too badly! I wish that there was another way around the shots. I feel so bad for them when they hurt! Just ask my Mom, I use to cry when our dog would get shots...

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