Day 38...and counting!

We will be going to Boise on Saturday, and so the planning begins. I still can't believe it takes so much effort, just to leave town for the day. The little girls need so much stuff, it amazes me! Plus, Grandma & Grandpa have a hot tub at their house, the little girls love to "swim" in the hot water, so swimsuits will have to be packed, plus because of the weather, winter coats, just in case...what a temperature shift.
This morning, I was the only one who ate a cooked breakfast, but not the case for the next couple of days, so I have found that thawing some banana bread that I had made will work perfectly for the drive up. We are also fans of pumpkin bread too. Who says that quick bread only need to be made and enjoyed during the holiday season!
Class tonight for me. I haven't starting down until it is time for finals week yet, but who know that may start soon! The hard part is sitting in those desks for almost two hours. My legs fall asleep. I just wish that they had an unattached chair, no leg room, yuck!

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