Day 32...As seen on TV stuff...

Have you seen those informercials in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep...you know the ones, where they promise all kinds of things, and can't possibly deliver...Over the years, I have actually bought a few items, not many, but a few. You see, I can see "behind the scenes" of those informercials, for years when I was younger I lived in Omaha, the "mecca" of telemarketing companies. I was told once that in the midwest, there is less of an accent than in places in the south, or north or other locations in the US. Anyways, usually when an infomercial comes on, I notice things, like that the shipping and "processing" fees are not listed, or that they mention that there are "optional attachments", plus additional shipping charges, and I can usually figure the price that the item will be "reduced" to, when they display the actual cost they "could get" but "just for calling in the next # of minutes"... But, one item in particular I did purchase, is something if I remember correctly is called the Express 101.
You might have seen the more fancy version with the red top and the timer that they are showing more recently, I actually bought the previous version, without the extra insertible, additionally prices pans and the timer that the newest one has. I actually use it, and like it. There is one thing in particular that I make with it. It is basically an omelet with potatoes, meat, cheese and eggs. Then, I take the handheld omelet, and wrap it in a softly fried eight inch tortilla, which is the perfect size. The whole family loves it. So, instead of breakfast for breakfast, we are going to do another breakfast for dinner.

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