Day Five & Day 6

Day Five was a Sunday, so sorry, I did not post. Hubby and the kids had breakfast, and they ate what hubby cooked. Which consisted of his "special"... The special normally consists of 6 over easy eggs on top of four or five "slabs" of Velvetta, all on top of two pieces of buttered toast. I cannot eat this, not sure why, it just does not agree with me, so I did not participate. But Sunday, he modified said special. He actually only cooked five eggs, three for himself, overeasy of course, and one each for the little girls, not over easy though. He gave me a break, which was wonderful.
Day Six, today we are going to consume about half a loaf of thawed banana bread that I had made a few weeks ago, and frozen. They love this, as there are about a handful of mini chocolate chips thrown into each loaf. Even though we will eat 1/2 of the loaf, there will be no leftover beyond this evening, our older daughter, and my hubby will fight for the other half when they both get home. They love bread that I make.
In preparation for tomorrow morning, I am going to make a loaf of homemade bread, in the breadmaker, and once it is cooled, freeze it so that it will slice well...see you in the a.m.

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