Day Seven...Week One Over

The joys of having little kids at home are that they ultimately determine what it is that we do each day, and what we don't do, ergo what we eat is also somewhat determined by them. The two little girls were up really late last night, and just would not sleep so, therefore this morning, Mommy overslept and did not get the cinnamon rolls into the oven early enough for everyone to take to work/school, so that will have to wait for another day. College begins again this evening for me, and so a lot more planning will have to go into each meal preparation, which I actually am ready for, I love being able to know ahead of time what we are eating, and then the question, "Mooom, what is for dinner?" is answered just by reading the calendar that I post on the fridge. The best place that I have found for this is by a person called, the Food Nanny. I can plan meals, list groceries needed for my trip to the store, and get some great recipes and menu ideas all at once, and when I once I have chosen meals for the week, print them off on a calendar, all ready to put on the fridge for all to see...stress free! So, now, I have two menus on the fridge, one for breakfast, and one for dinner, which is great! To all, have a great day!

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