Day 12 & 13...

Day 12, Sunday...the kids and hubby had eggs and toast with cheese today! It amazes me just how many eggs are consumed by my family in one week...I think that I will keep a tally starting next week, and just see on average how many we eat. Another thing that is a bit shocking is how many gallons of milk we drink in a week, I will keep track of that too, and let you know.
Day 13, Monday...the baby isn't feeling to good this morning, so, I am glad that she is now sleeping. So, as for a "brunch" our 4 y/o and I are going to have our fav. breakfast sandwiches. They are so yummy, and you should try one. Ours consist of an egg, cheese slice, thick ham slice, all on a toasted, sliced roll. What would you do to make a breakfast sandwich your own, and your favorite?

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