Day Eight, made a mistake...

OKay, so yesterday I baked up the cinnamon rolls for today that we had planned on before...left them sit out too long to cool, and they are now a hardened rock of bread and sugar, minus the icing...I know better! It is just that when my little girls want to snuggle with me and have play time, and read a story with me, that means more, as it should and so I will need to start over another day on the cinnamon rolls. On tap for today, just me and the baby. My 4 y/o is off to preschool, hubby and older daughter off to work and school also. I am going to take littlest one with me to visit a few friends later this morning, too bad the rolls aren't yummy, I could take each of them some, but if I am not going to eat them, no one else should either. First of many missteps on this adventure, I am afraid...has that ever happened to you?

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