No rest and relaxation today...

Not that I get much of that mind you, but dear, dear hubby is always saying how when he goes to work, I take naps, and sit around..."eating those bon bons, and other chocolates all day"...only kidding, he know that I don't, but even if I wanted to, it wouldn't happen today. Why, do you ask. Dear, sweet, ill hubby will be home today. He has some kind of a stomach bug, and was up through out the night, so I know what I will be fixing him to eat. Sprite, and toast. Poor baby! I will do my best to keep the other food smells to a minimum also. I feel so bad, I dislike being sick, but I really dislike him being sick, I tease him, and he agrees that when he is sick, who will take care of me...Just in case you are wondering about the trip to the grocery store yesterday...bought 3 gallons of milk, bring the total to 5 so far for the week, five dozen eggs, added to the 18 count that I already had used, and a 15 pound sack of potatoes...I know that I will be buying more milk in a few days, but I am sure I am good with the other things for a bit.

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