Day Nine - Yummy!

Okay, first off, I have to share what I got as a Christmas present...my hubby and children bought me kitchen items for the holiday. My favorite being the Paula Deen Cookware griddle pan. So, this morning, I used it, well actually I use my Paula Deen cookware DAILY, but this pan is just wonderful! Today I made breakfast sandwiches, which consisted of a fried egg, thin ham slices, and half a piece of cheese, on a toasted roll, all prepared on this fabulous pan. Yum! Littlest daughter also ate, but her's was a deconstructed version, as she still eats mostly with her hands and when she uses the spoon she just has to have no matter what we are eating, she places the piece of food on the spoon then does the best she can to get it into her mouth, usually succeeding after 2 or 3 tries...which does bring a smile to her face and ours, usually accompanied by a round of applause, initiated by her. Gotta love the enthusiasm of a 17 month old.

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