Day 18 thru 21...

Okay, so I actually did not sluff off, I promise, I was ill...the kind of ill where you do not want to eat, smell food, or even think about it, but thankfully am a whole lot better now! My hubby is such a wonderful man. On Friday when I called him and asked him to bring home Sprite and saltine crackers, first he said with compassion, "are you sick?", to which I answered, "yes." His next comment, "At least you got sick on a Friday, so I don't have to miss any work." This said with all of the firmness and certainty he could muster, I am sure. If I wasn't feeling so poorly at that moment, I would have laughed, but even today, that still hurts.
So, the kids and hubby were pretty well on their own for a few days, due to my inability to move pretty much, and I have to say, I am proud! The all ate cooked food each morning, and did not get too hungry the rest of the day either. Even when the dishwasher was acting up, the all participated in their own way, and cleaned up after eating! I couldn't be happier! Plus, I have to say again, that I love my Paula Deen cookware! I have to admit with grateful heart and much relief that it held up really well, with the family testing it!
I was wondering, does anyone have a good quiche recipe, one that does not include broccoli, I like it, but three of the four others in the house don't "like that bright green color". Ha, Ha!

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