What to do when your Birthday is coming...

You know, there is always that dread for me, as I get closer to the BIG "40" that, I really am getting older. Younger people or "kids" at a store say "Excuse me, Ma'am", or something that make me feel even older than my 38 years, to be 39 in a few days, and I almost look around for some really elderly woman with a cane. Am I wrong? Does this happen to anyone else out there?
I mean, my body, with all of my health issues makes me feel about 80 somedays, but do I really look so bad that I am a "ma'am"? I do sport a few, well maybe more than a few grey hairs, but I still have enough of my natural dark brown hair to mask most of it...I may walk with a limp, but I do not currently use a cane with the feet, or orthodic "old people" shoes...I do not wear elastic polyester pants with a button up shirt that has overtly ugly flowers and a lace collar. But, "ma'am"...wow!
I was even feeling maternal, and felt the need to make something homey and domestic to eat for the kids, so I made them pancakes, but I refused to put chocolate chips in them because of the mess that they will leave on the table...wait a minute...omg! Maybe I am becoming a "ma'am"...aaargh!
I always wanted to be the "cool" Mom, you know...the ones that in our teenage opinion, is not our own parents, but the ones that our friends have...Sorry, Mom, I do love you, but in my skewwed teenage mind, my friends parents were way cool. But, instead, I find that I am actually a "ma'am"! What to do!

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